A drill for frontliners was conducted on Tuesday 16 June, 2020 as directed by the National Emergency Management Committee.

This is part of Tonga’s preparedness and response plan for COVID-19 and to prepare in the event of repatriation fights for Tongans abroad.

The drill was an opportunity for frontliners and stakeholders to better familiarize themselves with their roles and responsibilities, identify gaps and recommend corrective action to mitigate risks of introduction and spread of COVID-19.

Because of the global shortage of PPEs, the drill did not use PPEs as these are being saved as part of our preparedness efforts.

The drill exercise began from Fua’amotu International Airport with 50 students from Queen Salote School of Nursing role playing repatriated passengers who were assumed to have just disembarked from a flight, processed and transported in a convoy managed by Tonga Police to Tanoa Hotel (possible quarantine facility) guarded by His Majesty’s Armed Forces.

Following the drill, a debrief by coordinating stakeholders was done.

This was the first of a series of drills as it is understood that more drills will better prepare frontliners.

The next drill will take place on Tuesday 23 June, 2020 from Fua’amotu International Airport to Tanoa Hotel from 10am to 3pm. The public are advised to avoid these areas, give way to the convoy and follow instructions given.

The Ministry of Health thanks the public for their continued support and cooperation.

For more information, please contact 0800933.


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