Pacific Syndromic Surveillance System

# Description Year Week #
1 PSSS Week 1 2019 1
2 PSSS Week 2 2019 2
3 PSSS Week 3 2019 3


For more help and support, please contact:

Dr Viema Biaukula,

World Health Organization Division of Pacific Technical Support

Suva, Fiji




The Pacific Syndromic Surveilance System (PSSS) was started in 2010. With the support of the Pacific Community, it collects sentinel surveillance data on 4 syndromes (including one optional), from 23 Pacific Island Countries and areas.

The aim is to monitor trends and to trigger alerts to rapidly detect and respond to suspected outbreaks. In 2017, the system was moved to an online platform called EWARS. Data is entered online by country focal points and is then analysed using an online application.

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